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The Grio features Shanti Das and speaks more about her mission in the mental health field.

Record exec Shanti Das’ non-profit, ‘Silence the Shame‘ partners with Jermaine Dupri, Kwamé, DJ Trauma and more to Raise Awareness about Mental Health.

Atlanta's Hip-Hop princess hits up her celebrity friends to raise mental health and illness awareness, but what exactly does that mean and how can everyday Hip-Hop fans be allies in the fight to normalize the phenomenon?

Billboard features Shanti Das and her mission to Silence the Shame.

Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health Resources Every Black Woman should know about. Essence names Silence the Shame as a mental health resource.

Shanti Das talked with Sway In The Morning about the Meaning if the Silence The Shame movement.

Shanti Das joins The Breakfast Club hosts Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne the God in conversation on mental health and Silence the Shame.

A new mental health interactive screening tool has been launched that lets students complete a brief, confidential stress and depression questionnaire to initiate contact with a mental health clinician.

Mental health experts chime in to talk about the importance in steppipng back from negativity every once in a while

South African group Waves for Change, or W4C, uses surfing-related activities as a way of providing social and mental health services to kids in some of the most at-risk communities in South Africa.

How to handle a mental health issue at work

Evergreen Community Charter School is focusing on the importance of their student's mental health by keeping everyone virtually connected.

The impact of COVID-19 seems to hint at a much larger mental health crisis that could be coming on the horizon.

A list of free resources that are available to the frontline workers such as first responders and healthcare workers.

Who helps the leaders in times of chaos? Leaders owe it to themselves to start addressing their mental health.

Does the Coronavirus have you feeling anxious? Here are a few ways to deal with the emotional side effects of this pandemic.

Learn how to maintain a healthy balance of staying informed while feeling calm and happy.

These are a few tips to help keep your mental health from an overload of information.

Popular meditation apps are providing free subscriptions to many who've been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Expressing yourself is one way to deal with any overwhelming emotions. Using a journal is an excellent tool that can be very beneficial to your mental health.

Two health experts provide their feedback on whether it is safe to run or exercise outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jill Martin shows us an easy 10-minute workout that can be used with items you can find lying around the house!

Martha Stewart shares some of her favorite recipes to help calm and nourish the body and mind.

Here are a few podcasts that provide tips about how to manage emotions that many people are experiencing right now.

Legendary music executive, Shanti Das has taken on a mission to debunk, dispel, and mute the stigmas on mental health...

I grew up in the church. I knew how to pray, read my Bible, and ask God for forgiveness. Even having these tools from God to get through life, I still never quite felt okay. When I finally told my grandmother how I felt, I was told that I would be okay and to “pray about it.”

As a society, we now know that the conversation on mental health needs to continue. We can no longer have this conversation about its impact once in a while. Instead, we need to continue having these conversations each and every day...

Social media dramatically changed the way we communicate, socialize, and make and maintain friendships. While there are benefits to living in a digital world, there are also risks. Today’s youth miss out on critical social skills development when they spend the majority of their free time connected to and interacting through a screen. They can also get lost in a world of unrealistic comparisons, cyberbullying, and feeling left out.

The holiday season is often viewed as a joyous occasion for people across the nation. However, it’s also a time when depression and other mental health issues can be triggered.

Mental health awareness campaigners yesterday brought their message to Bermuda with a proclamation on the steps of City Hall...

Here’s everything you need to know about a campaign created by hip hop veteran Shanti Das that has celebrities like Usher, Nick Cannon and Ludacris standing with her...

We live in an era of cultural economic entrapment and it seems as if it's become the new normal...

ATLANTA, GA — On Friday, May 5th, the Hip Hop Professional Foundation (HHPF) successfully kicked-off Mental Health Month in May with “Silence the Shame” Day; a global awareness initiative created to peel back the layers of shame and stigma related to mental health. The campaign received over 90,000,000 impressions..

A 25-year music and entertainment business veteran, Shanti Das was seven months old when her father committed suicide. Das and her siblings grew up feeling haunted, stigmatized, and embarrassed over his death for many years...

A 25-year music and entertainment business veteran, Shanti Das was seven months old when her father committed suicide. Das and her siblings grew up feeling haunted, stigmatized, and embarrassed over his death for many years...

I have been dealing with mental illness, primarily depression, for almost 15 years. The main thing I have learned on my journey is perseverance...

Community Friends of Silence the Shame