May marks Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout this month, Silence the Shame commemorates with a series of events, including Community Conversations, Mental Wellness Seminars, Self-Care Socials, and more. On May 5th, we recognize National Silence the Shame Day, fostering discussions on mental health and wellness, nurturing relationships with loved ones, and combating the stigma around mental illness.

This year's theme, "Redefining Mental Wellness," aims to create a space for individuals to recognize that we all have mental health, emphasizing that our mental well-being significantly impacts our overall health. It is time to take action in how we care for ourselves and support each other in our journeys for well-being.

Participate on May 5th in National Silence the Shame Day to support mental health programs aiding those in need. Your involvement in this awareness day contributes to dismantling the silence and stereotypes linked to mental health challenges.

Ways to Support Silence the Shame Day

Show your support for National Silence the Shame Day and add the "Become a Mental Health Champion" Frame to a photo of your choice. Click the picture to get started.

Suggested Caption: Today is National Silence the Shame Day!  Help me to erase stigma and raise funds for @silencetheshame mental health education and awareness programs. Text SILENCE to 707070 to donate.  #silencethehshame #mentalhealth 


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