About the Program

CL´╗┐IMB UP College Ambassador Training offers comprehensive support for eligible college students, focusing on personal and professional growth and prioritizing mental well-being. The training includes virtual and in-person learning sessions to enhance self-awareness, growth mindset, and healthy relationships. It also provides guidance on behavioral health in community settings, leadership development, and advocacy for mental well-being and suicide prevention. The program aims to expand interest in behavioral health professions and promote well-being among college students.

How About it Works

Participate in our six-month program and gain valuable skills in areas such as resilience, mindfulness, and community outreach. You will participate in monthly discussions and self-guided and interactive workshops and implement the skills you learn through community projects. As an intern, you will be compensated for your valuable time and contributions. We will evaluate your progress based on your collaboration, leadership, and literacy improvements. Upon completing the program, you will be awarded the title of College Ambassador at a graduation ceremony.

Eligibility & Time Commitment